Extra Virgin Minus the Guesswork

Here at PRMRY, we’re big believers that the right high-quality extra virgin paired with the right dish is pretty much a magical experience. And yet, olive oil can be confounding with so many options out there, and no way to really know what is what, or what goes with what. So, with our combined 15 years of experience in the olive oil industry, we set out to produce exceptional extra virgin, and make it easier to choose, use and enjoy.

Our glass bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and coated with an eco-friendly, organic, UV spray that protects the oil inside from light.

Thoughts on olive oil

Olive Oil Shelf Life

Olive Oil Shelf Life

Should you save olive oil like you would a wine? Should you use it sparingly so you don’t go through it too quickly? Though it’s tempting to hold ...

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