The real magic happens when a truly amazing olive oil meets just the right dish. Not only does it make your food more delicious and enjoyable — adding dimension and personality — but it adds boatloads of health benefits. 

The key to pairing your olive oil is not unlike pairing wine: big, robust oils pair best with richer dishes, while milder oils call for more delicate fare.
For the sake of simplicity, our bottles identify basic pairing recommendations, but of course if you're serving pasta, for example, but with a very flavorful sauce  like pesto, let's say — you might want to use the TRANSFORM in lieu of ENHANCE. Additionally, if you're keen to really taste and take notice of the oil, like when dipping, you'll want to use that robust TRANSFORM too, even though the bread is relatively mild by comparison.

All this said, there are some EVOO-food pairings that you'll come across that just change your olive oil outlook. Some of our favorites are also the simplest: ENHANCE drizzled on hummus, already-roasted vegetables, or even ice cream (with a pinch of salt!), or a TRANSFORM finish on pizza, popcorn with harissa, or a fresh tomato salad.