The real magic happens when a truly amazing olive oil meets just the right dish. Not only does it make your food more delicious and enjoyable — adding dimension and personality — but it adds boatloads of health benefits. 

The key to pairing your olive oil is not unlike pairing wine: big, robust oils pair best with richer dishes, while milder oils call for more delicate fare.
For the sake of simplicity, our bottles identify basic pairing recommendations, but of course if you're serving pasta, for example, but with a very flavorful sauce  like pesto, let's say — you might want to use the TRANSFORM in lieu of ENHANCE. Additionally, if you're keen to really taste and take notice of the oil, like when dipping, you'll want to use that robust TRANSFORM too, even though the bread is relatively mild by comparison. Capisce?

All this said, there are some EVOO-food pairings that you'll come across that just change your olive oil outlook. So here is a short list of favorites that really showcase our oils' potential (and stay tuned for more in the future).

Take this seemingly simple appetizer to a more gourmet level with a bit of PRMRY. Just a drizzle of ENHANCE is going to add vibrancy to even the most basic run-of-the-mill hummus. Sprinkle on some za'atar and your work is done. 


Few dishes are more simple and gratifying than roasted vegetables. But they could admittedly use some pizzazz, no? So often we only think to drizzle our veg with olive oil before cooking, but we highly recommend adding more olive oil after. Our favorite veggie-EVOO combo is roasted sweet potato with a generous post-oven pour of ENHANCE. Notice how the EVOO adds more flavor complexity? A yin to that potato's yang? 


First try that watermelon and feta alone. Now add the TRANSFORM. And tell us your mind didn’t just do a cartwheel! Once you come back down to earth, you may wish to add some fresh basil to the mix to give your dish extra pop (we recommend adding it after you’ve sampled it with EVOO, given that fresh basil’s flavor and aroma can quickly dominate).


Vanilla ice cream can be so, well, vanilla. But add a quick drizzle of TRANSFORM, and a pinch of flaky salt, and you’ve got yourself an easy, impressive, gourmet dessert, that we, quite frankly, think is life changing.