We at PRMRY want you to have an EVOO aha moment — that moment when you realize the difference between rancid and perfection, mild and robust, and average versus amazing.

Here’s the roadmap to your aha moment, and to building your olive oil strategy (because yes, we're just so wild about EVOO that we fully believe in having a strategy). Try any one of these experiences on your own, or gather some pals for a full-on, foodie-friendly tasting.

01. Taste

What is extra virgin? Learn about what it is, what it isn't, and how to know you've found the good stuff.


02. Compare

Explore the difference between your average EVOO, the exceptional, and the defective.


03. Pair

Experience the magic of just the right olive oil with just the right dish, via these favorite PRMRY pairings.