We source our olives from a single estate in Northern California's Capay Valley, a region between Napa Valley and Sacramento. The olives are grown using organic methods, picked in early November, and then swiftly taken for milling and filtration. 

We work directly with the farmer while the olives are still on the trees, and then we're there to oversee both harvest and milling. As professional tasters, it has been fundamental for us to be an integral part of the process from start to finish. 

Our Olive Varietals

Our goal with ENHANCE and TRANSFORM is to always offer medium and robust intensity oils that can, well, enhance or transform dishes. Given supply and demand, this means we may change the varietals we use from year to year  but we will always let you know here, on our site, what you'll be receiving in your bottle.

Currently, ENHANCE features a medium intensity oil made with the Hojiblanca olive. This Spanish varietal isn't very common here in the US, and tends to produce oils with an herbaceous profile. 

TRANSFORM is made with Picual, producing a more robust intensity oil. Also Spanish, this olive is the world's most planted, and, when picked early (in November, for example), produces oils high in phenols (spicy antioxidants, that is), and with notes of tomato and fig leaves.