Our olive oils are produced using olives from various locations in California, always prioritizing quality above all else. This means that we may occasionally change olive varieties and from where we source our olives given that weather, harvest timing, and milling can all greatly impact the quality of the final product. Indeed, no single harvest is alike!

Our Current Olive Varietals

Our goal with ENHANCE and TRANSFORM is to always offer medium and robust intensity oils that can, well, enhance or transform dishes! While we may change the varieties we use, we will always let you know here, on our site, what you'll be receiving in your bottle.

Our current ENHANCE features a medium intensity, filtered extra virgin olive oil made with single-estate Coratina olives grown in California's Central Valley, and which were harvested in November 2021. This ENHANCE is subtle but bold, and has alluring and complex notes of apple and black pepper. This year, we'll be changing up Enhance throughout the year with different medium intensity olive oils, each of which we absolutely love and can't wait to share with you.

TRANSFORM is a robust intensity, filtered extra virgin olive oil, which is currently made with Coratina olives grown from a single estate in Woodland, California. Harvested and produced in November 2021, this olive oil packs a punch with its bold bitterness and spice, and fragrant and flavorful notes of green almond and green banana.