Why crayons? Humor us for just a moment. Do you have a bottle of EVOO that’s been open for more than six months? Pour some of it in a shot glass next to another shot glass of PRMRY. Now use your tasting skills to compare the difference. That first oil will no doubt have notes of wax, crayon, and old nuts. It will likely feel greasy and thick in your mouth. Meet rancidity, and now bid it farewell. Now try that freshly opened PRMRY: it will of course smell fresh and green, with bright and spicy flavors, and certainly no greasy texture. 


There’s technically lots of extra virgin at the grocery store, sure, but does it all pack the same personality and food-pairing potential? Nope, most of it doesn't. But you can be the judge of that. Grab a grocery store go-to, and let’s do another side by side with PRMRY. What do you notice? No doubt that the grocery store version has decidedly less aroma, flavor, and spice. That doesn’t mean it’s defective, and that you shouldn’t use it, but when you want to elevate your dish and add personality, and even boost health benefits, you'll want to consider including another EVOO (eh hem, PRMRY) in your culinary toolbox — particularly as a finishing oil (read more about cooking with olive oil here).


When it comes to an oil's intensity, we measure it in terms of its fruitiness, bitterness and pungency (check out our Taste page if you need a refresher). Your side-by-side tasting with a grocery store oil versus PRMRY will likely give you a good sense of mild versus PRMRY's medium and robust. Similarly, if you compare PRMRY's ENHANCE and TRANSFORM oils, you'll notice that the TRANSFORM has a stronger personality, and is more aromatic and spicy. For that reason we recommend pairing it with richer dishes, whereas the ENHANCE is less robust and therefore calls for lighter fare. Scoot on over to our Pair page to explore our favorite dishes to serve with PRMRY.