This robust intensity oil plays a starring role in your dish — it will stand out and make you take notice. It pairs perfectly with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, bread, and even ice cream — but will taste delicious with whatever you fancy.

Our new-harvest TRANSFORM is made from a Tuscan blend of olives from a small family farm in Lake County, California. Harvested and produced in November 2023, this balanced oil delights with notes of green olive, green banana, green almond, and artichoke. It's very fragrant and blossoms in the mouth with layers of flavor.

PRMRY's 375ml bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray.


Exceptional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a flawless, fresh juice, packed with phenols — those antioxidants that fight disease and promote good health. EVOO is fruity, flavorful, bitter and spicy, and should be consumed within about four months of opening.