Extra virgin meets its Mediterranean match: sardines. Considered a delicacy on the Iberian Peninsula, canned sardines are delicious on their own, but can be added to a variety of dishes. Our favorite: serve them with a drizzle of EVOO and a side of Spanish-style potato chips. This set comes with our ENHANCE as well as a tin of sardines preserved in olive oil.

This robust intensity oil plays a starring role in your dish — it will stand out and make you take notice. It pairs perfectly with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, bread, and even ice cream — but will taste delicious with whatever you fancy.

Our new-harvest TRANSFORM is made with Mission olives from 125-year-old olive trees situated on a woman-run orchard in Calaveras County, California. Harvested and produced in November 2022, this olive oil delights with complex notes of pine and fresh-cut grass, as well as green tea, olive and almond.

PRMRY's 375ml bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray.


Exceptional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a flawless, fresh juice, packed with phenols — those antioxidants that fight disease and promote good health. EVOO is fruity, flavorful, bitter and spicy, and should be consumed within about four months of opening.


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