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Cover your culinary bases with both of PRMRY's oils. 

ENHANCE is a medium intensity oil that plays a supporting role in your dish — it elevates without overtly standing out. It pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables, dips, pasta, fish, poultry, grains, and tofu. ENHANCE is made with California-grown Picual olives, and has notes of fig tree, tomato leaf, green almond and banana, and is reminiscent of a crisp spring morning in southern Spain. 

TRANSFORM is a robust intensity oil that plays a starring role in your dish — it will do more than enhance, and is meant to make you take notice. It pairs best with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, and bread. TRANSFORM is made with California-grown Frantoio, and has notes of Italian herbs and dusty rose. This extra virgin will transport you to a hot summer afternoon in Tuscany.

Both oils are filtered, produced from olives harvested in Fall 2020, and are quality certified by the California Olive Oil Council. PRMRY's 375ml bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray.


Exceptional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a flawless, fresh juice, packed with phenols — those antioxidants that fight disease and promote good health. EVOO is fruity, flavorful, bitter and spicy, and should be consumed within about four months of opening.


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We source our olives from various locations in California, always prioritizing quality above all else. This means that from year to year we may change olive varieties and where we source our olives. For our 2020 harvest, we sourced our ENHANCE olives from a single estate in California’s Central Valley. Meanwhile, our TRANSFORM olives came from two different California estates, one in the Bay Area and the other in Central Valley.

PRMRY's bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with an organic, eco-friendly spray that helps to block UV rays. This means your oil is protected from light and the harmful oxidation it causes. That said, it's important to keep your oil away from heat, so avoid storing it in sunlight or near a stove or other heat source.

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lucy a.
United States
Olive Oil to the Next Level

I have purchased both PRMRY oils, used them extensively and have gifted them to my lucky friends. These oils are fabulous on just about any kind of food and I even have a friend who sips a little of it daily believing in it’s medicinal value. The difference between the two oils lends itself to boosting any dish to the next level with richness and wonderful flavor. PRMRY oils will always be a staple in my pantry.

United States United States
Exactly as Advertised!

These olive oils are fantastic. I don't always find the higher end EVOO worth the money but not in this case. The suggested pairings for each oil are on point and the one recipe I made so far was delicious. Definitely will purchase again and again.

China C.
United States United States
given as a gift

Enjoyed very much by the receiver

Megan L.
United States United States

These two are the perfect pair. They taste absolutely delicious, the pouring spout allows for perfect distribution and they complete my dishes better than a cherry on top! I’ve also used on popcorn, which was absolutely stunning!

lucy a.
United States United States
Olive Oil Indulgence

Once I had tasted PRMRY oils I knew my Christmas shopping was done. I gifted all my friends these extraordinary olive oils and they were resoundingly praised for their delicious flavor and body. One friend actually drinks a bit of these oils everyday as part of her health regime. I personally drizzle it on anything I can think of from roasted or raw vegetables, soups, stews, beans, fish and meats, dips or whatever! They add a profound richness to any recipe. And PRMRY is made in the USA, run by women and employs smaller local farmers. It’s a great product on many levels.