The Comfort Box


For those moments when you wish you could just send a hug. The Comfort Box comes with our robust-intensity extra virgin TRANSFORM, a Big Dipper Wax Works "Rejuvenation" candle, a package of reinvigorating, loose-leaf Boon Tea, and two revitalizing recipes. 


Boon Tea is California based and woman founded. The included 15g pouch of tea is a supple oolong that has a soothing texture, and is laced with notes of mineral and toasted walnuts.

The Big Dipper Wax Works "Rejuvenation" candle features an aroma of sweet orange and clove bud and is made of only the finest essential oils and the purest beeswax. The wick is 100% cotton.

TRANSFORM extra virgin olive oil is filtered, and made with Frantoio   an Italian olive   from two different California estates, where they were harvested in both October and November of 2020. Certified by the California Olive Oil Council, the resulting EVOO has notes of Italian herbs and dusty rose. 

Two recipe cards featuring revitalizing recipes from Erin Alderson.

Keen to send a personalized message? Just include it in your order notes and we'll be sure to add it to the box.


We source our olives from various locations in California, always prioritizing quality above all else. This means that from year to year we may change olive varieties and where we source our olives. For our 2020 harvest, we sourced our ENHANCE olives from a single estate in California’s Central Valley. Meanwhile, our TRANSFORM olives came from two different California estates, one in the Bay Area and the other in Central Valley.

PRMRY's bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with an organic, eco-friendly spray that helps to block UV rays. This means your oil is protected from light and the harmful oxidation it causes. That said, it's important to keep your oil away from heat, so avoid storing it in sunlight or near a stove or other heat source.