*We take great pride in our carefully crafted bottles, but some of them came out with off-center labels. So we're offering a 5% discount on the bottles with off-center labels. It's the same exceptional oil, just with a less-than-perfect label ;).*

We originally created the PRMRY SF Set as a tribute to colorful San Francisco and celebratory Pride. However, current events have been a heartbreaking reminder that there is so much pain and injustice in our communities. So we've decided to turn this box -- that honors our city, love and equality -- into a Give-Back Box. As such, this box will always be dedicated to giving back, and therefore $10 of every purchase will be donated. 

We are currently donating to the National Black Justice Coalition because we believe deeply that all Black lives matter.


ENHANCE is a medium intensity oil that plays a supporting role in your dish — it elevates without overtly standing out. It pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables, dips, pasta, fish, poultry, grains, and tofu.

TRANSFORM is a robust intensity oil that plays a starring role in your dish  it will do more than enhance, and is meant to make you take notice. It pairs best with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, bread, and even ice cream.

Both oils are produced from olives harvested in November 2019, and are quality certified by the California Olive Oil Council. PRMRY's 375ml bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray.

Each box comes with one dish towel of your choice. The dish towels, from local producer The Heated, measure about 27" square, and are screen printed by hand using non-toxic, water-based ink. They are made of 100% flour sack cotton, and feature a sewn-in loop for hanging. They are washer/dryer safe.


Exceptional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a flawless, fresh juice, packed with phenols — those antioxidants that fight disease and promote good health. EVOO is fruity, flavorful, bitter and spicy, and should be consumed within about four months of opening.

Our olives are sourced from a single estate in Northern California's Capay Valley. PRMRY's bottles are sealed with a wooden closure, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray. This means your oil is protected from light and the harmful oxidation it causes. That said, it's important to keep your oil away from heat, so avoid storing it in sunlight or near a stove or other heat source.

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